A weekend getaway in Aberdovey, Wales.

Taking a long weekend holiday is necessary sometimes to take a break from work and stress, and you come back from it feeling re-energised and happier. I often try to amend a Friday on to a weekend so I can take short breaks whether in the UK or Europe. Most of the time I do choose to stay in the UK as it’s cheaper than going abroad – plus the UK is beautiful and if you’re a nature/ country-side lover like I am then you  won’t be disappointed. So today I want to talk about this little area in Wales, Aberdovey.

Aberdovey is a little village on the west coast of Wales, located within the Snowdonia National Park. I first fell in love with this place when I visited it back in March 2010 for a school trip.

In fact, I think this place made me fall in love with the UK and hiking, so I like to think that this is where my passion for the outdoors and adventures started. In 2010 I was in secondary school, in year 10. Our geography class went to Aberdovey for a week to learn about the outdoors and how to navigate around the land using an OS map. I was only 15 at the time and I remember that being a whole new world to me.

This is the place where I first went on a little expedition. My classmates and I walked around the hills of Snowdonia National Park with our heavy camping rucksacks and settled down on a valley by a river. I remember that night was so cold that my friend Aleks and I had to try to hug each other whilst being inside our own sleeping bags. Despite the cold, I loved being out there sleeping in a tent and being able to have so much fun without any luxuries or much comfort. All we had was our camping gear and food, and that was all I needed. The outdoors has taught me to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Aberdovey, 2010


Six years later, I went back to visit – this time with my boyfriend and my dogga. We left home on Friday morning and headed off to a nice B&B called The FireCat, which is not exactly in Aberdovey, but not far from there. We hiked around Cadair Idris on a cold and rainy Saturday, but we were compensated for that when we arrived at the beach to see the sunset, followed by a nice pub dinner in Aberdovey village.

Dogga at Cadair Idris
Going down Minffordd Path
Aberdovey Beach


Getting there

So, the best way to get there is by driving and it takes about 5 hours. Choose a nice B&B or campsite in the area so that you are not too far from where you are going to start your hike.
On the day of your hike, go to “Dol Idris Car Park” which is the start for Minffordd Path of Cadair Idris.

Essentials for your hike

  • OS Map
  • Waterproof clothes (at least a jacket)
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Lots of water and snacks


  1. I would not recommend this route if you have never hiked before. The hike is very strenuous and it is also about 893 metres high.
  2. Make sure you know how to use an OS map before you go. Take a look at this link https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/resources/map-reading/ I would recommend testing your map reading skills in a less remote area before attempting Cadair Idris, for example, take a look at the coastal path or at other paths around the Aberdovey area. See image below.

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